Our Broker Dealer - FSC Securities Corporation


FSC Securities Corporation, our broker dealer, follows a product research process to ensure that each product meets our high standards. We also actively work with our product sponsors to ensure that there is a good working relationship among all parties, with the goal of fully meeting your needs.

Transactions are cleared directly with the vendor and through Pershing, LLC, one of the largest clearing firms in the nation.  A successful financial plan tailored to your personal or business goals and objectives can make the ultimate difference in your lifestyle.

Our independent financial advisors are trained and licensed to help you plan for the future using a variety of financial products.


It's what you want in your financial advisor. Someone who offers financial information based solely on your finacial agenda and no one else's. That's what FSC Corporation gives you financial advisor - the freedon to do what they do best: helping you ensure your financial growth and stability. In the highly volatile securities industry, you and your financial advisor can use a competitive advantage, and with FSC Securities Corporation that's what you get.


With FSC, you and your financial advisor get so much more than solid finacial advice and backing. You get a lasting relationship based on mutual trust and integrity. YOu get a team that makes your interests and needs their daily priority.

FSC provides you and our financial professional with the service, support, strength, and stability you demand in todays's challenging financial arena. Since 1958, FSC has been assisting independent financial service professionals who are dedicated to attaining their client's financial goals.

Some of FSC's unique offerings include:

  • Service for more than $2.8 billion dollars in assets under management.
  • The stability of nearly fifty years of experience in providing  investment and  Insurance products to service the needs of its clients.
  • Day-to-day support for more than 400 financial professionals in over 550 U.S. cities.
  • Captial strength and strong support from its parent company, The Advisor Group, FSC Securities Corporation can offer you and your financial advisor the best because we are backed by Generations of Commitments, Quality Resources, Confidence, and Quality Products with Personal Service.